It is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment
Hebrews 9: 27

Reading: Luke 7:1-10; Luke 8: 40-56

When people are about to die, or someone who is loved is about to die, we are spurred on to greater effort. More so than in any other instance. Why? Is it because we consider death to be final, like ‘The End’ at the conclusion of a movie. 

Jesus, the Son of God, knew how final death was for mankind. He knew that if mankind did not accept his Gospel they were doomed to an eternity of hopelessness and unimaginable horror. As we said yesterday, the consequences of sin are sickness, mental disturbance, Satanic interference and…ultimately, death. 

The same situation existed in the days of Noah. The people of that time had been warned of the impending judgment by Noah, but they scoffed instead of repenting, and so they died without hope. In the same way Jesus warned the people of his era that they needed to repent, or face eternity without God or life. It is not death that will be painful, but the judgment that will follow after death. 

Sickness and anguish on Earth are the physical consequences of sin. Separation from God is the spiritual consequence of sin. When you accept Jesus as the King of your heart you unknowingly also receive your invitation to the Heavenly wedding feast and make certain your eternal destiny. How is this possible? Because Jesus took your sin upon himself, you are free.


Dear God, thank You that my eternal destiny is sure. Sometimes this is too much for me to even comprehend. I’m SO very grateful. 

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