They said this because Paul was preaching the good news about Jesus
and the resurrection.
Acts 17: 18


Read: Acts 2: 14-40; Acts 17: 22-32
As we saw yesterday, when the first Christians called people to faith in
Jesus, they hinged their message on the resurrection. When Peter gave
that first Pentecost sermon, fully one-third of it concerned the
It wasn’t only Peter who preached the resurrection; Paul did too.
Interestingly, when speaking to the philosophical Greeks in Athens, Paul
told them that God had proven that Jesus was the end-time judge of the
world by raising him back to life – in Greek, ‘anistemi’, resurrect, stand
someone up again.
So, from this we can see that not only does Jesus’ resurrection give us
hope for our own resurrection, but it in some sense proves that he is
God’s chosen judge. And that God has appointed a final day of judgment
for all men.
Think about that for a bit. Jesus’ resurrection is a powerful proof from
God, from Heaven, a strong statement, regarding the end times.

Father, help me to consider the Day of the Lord whenever I think about
Jesus’ resurrection.