Reading: 1 Samuel 17 

Today we will look at David, the anointed of the LORD and deliverer of God’s people. One thing that is clear about David, is that he has the LORD at heart. In David’s eyes, Goliath the Philistine defied not only the army of the LORD, not only Israel - he defied the LORD. David chose to fight, not for his own honour, but for the honour of the LORD. 

Note that both Eliab and Goliath could not see the heart of David, but despised him. God was with David though and strengthened an unlikely hero for the task. Since the Spirit of the LORD had come upon David, he had killed lions and bears who attacked the sheep. What a fitting image we have here of one who shepherds God’s people. A good shepherd delivers his sheep from the enemy. David delivered Israel from slavery to the Philistines, and brought honour to God’s name when he struck and killed the Philistine giant, Goliath. 

Looking to Jesus, the anointed king, we see great parallels here. Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

Like David, he was concerned for the LORD’s glory and fought to deliver us from our enemies - Satan, sin and death. 


Dear Father, thank You for the example of David, who made a stand for Your glory, though it might have cost him his life. Put Your Spirit upon us to strengthen us for Your service. Give us courage like David to make a stand for what is right and to make a stand for You. 


Continue watching the animated video below about David, the king. 

A Giant Adventure