not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
Hebrews 10: 25

Reading: Hebrews 10

This whole month we’ve been looking at baptism, and the fact that it means…immersion. The question you now need to ask yourself is: how do you think this relates to your relationship with local church?

Let’s remind ourselves of what the word ‘immerse’ actually means? There are two ways in which this verb in used in English: 

  1. dip or submerge in a liquid.
    "immerse the paper in water for twenty minutes" 

synonyms: submerge, plunge, dip, dunk, duck, sink 

  1. Involve oneself deeply in a particular activity. "she immersed herself in her work" 

synonyms: absorb, engross, occupy, engage, involve, engulf, bury 

Can you see from these definitions that immersion involves much more than simply attendance? We certainly have it very wrong if we think immersion in church means attending all the meetings.  

As we’ve looked at what other believers mean to the Lord – and how very important the Church is to Him – can you see that one of the main ways in which you can submit yourself to the Lord and learn from Him, is to submit to His request that you fully immerse in His family, His church. 


Lord, open my eyes to understand what the Church means to you – and how very much you want me to be involved and to care. 

For the family

Spend some time discussing how the children experience local church. Do they enjoy it? Do they really know what it’s all about? Are there things they can suggest to make church nicer for them? Are there ways in which they would like to be more involved?