For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
Romans 3: 23

Reading: Romans 3:21-26; John 10:7-18

Before you became a Christian perhaps you heard this Christian teaching that we are all sinners. You were probably insulted and offended at this doctrine. How very dare they say such things about moi?!?

But encountered the Lord and saw the truth. And now you agree wholeheartedly with what Paul wrote in Romans 3

After The Fall in the Garden of Eden all humans were born into a sin state. You can think of sin as a genetic defect that got passed down from one generation to the next. The result of this is - from birth, each of us, though loved and created by God, has in another sense, been an enemy of God. We were born rebels into a rebel kingdom under a rebel overlord on a rebel planet. 

At the right time, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to literally pay the ransom price so that mankind could be free from sin forever. Your ransom has been paid and your freedom from sin into righteousness secured. However, do you understand the T’s & C’s associated with the freedom that has been bought for you? 

Even though the ransom has been paid, it still remains the hostage’s choice to go free, or remain a captive. Our freedom from sin is a spiritual transaction that can only be accessed through our faith in Jesus Christ. The transaction takes place when we recognise and receive the freedom that Jesus has bought for us. Your sin has already been forgiven, you enter in to that freedom when you receive that free gift.


Dear God, thank You for ransoming me. Teach me how to enjoy this freedom.

For the family

Play a game of ‘Touches’ with your children. Tell them to stand some distance from each other. They are ‘frozen’ until a person who is ‘ON’ touches them and sets them ‘free’. However, there is an ‘OFF’ person who will want to touch them to ‘freeze’ them again. But if they are ‘free’ and they touch and hold hands with another person who is ‘free’ they cannot be frozen again. The object of the game is for everyone to be free. Then explain the study in an age-appropriate way.