" Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion (that is, the City of David)” (NKJV).
2 Samuel 5:6-7 

Reading:  2 Samuel 5:1-13

Have you been to Jerusalem? The city, in Israel/Palestine? It’s a special place. Jerusalem had many names in the past: Salem (Peace), Mt Moriah, Jerusalem, Zion and the City of David. Whatever its name, it has a unique purpose. God declared that He would establish His Name there and would dwell there forever (1 Kings 9:3). 

It was the place where Abraham met with Melchizadeck and paid him a tithe after rescuing Lot. It was the place where Abraham was called to sacrifice his son Isaac, where the LORD provided a sacrifice on Mt Moriah. The sons of Judah captured Jerusalem in Judges 1:8 but left the Jebusites to dwell in the city. David conquered Jerusalem by defeating the Jebusites in 1 Chronicles 11:4-9 and built it up, making it his capital city. Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, which remained there until the Babylonian destruction of the temple in 587BC, followed by the exile of the Jews to Babylon. 70 years later the Jews returned to the land and under the direction of Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai a second temple was built and Jerusalem’s walls were restored. Jesus was sacrificed in Jerusalem during the Passover, and the people’s rejection of their Messiah lead to the destruction of the temple and much of the city by the Romans in about AD70. 

Jerusalem is also the place to where Jesus will return at His Second Coming. After Judgement Day, He will restore a New Heavens and a New Earth, together with a New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem, pictured in Revelation, is a giant cube and like the Holy of Holies that it symbolises (both being cubes), it will be the place where, at last, God and His people will dwell together. 


Dear Father, we are looking forward to the New Jerusalem and sharing Your presence and blessing in that place. We pray for present day Jerusalem and ask for Your protection and blessing over it. We also pray that many Jews would come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and be a witness to the world from there. Amen


Briefly explain today’s devotion in an age-appropriate way, then get some typical Jerusalem snacks together – like dates, grapes, watermelon, feta cheese and halva – then watch these videos together. 

Sesame Street in Jerusalem for very young kids

History of Jerusalem in 5 minutes