"Know certainly that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs..and also the nation whom they serve I will judge..” (NKJV).
Genesis 15:13-14

Reading: Exodus 1:1-14; 3:7-10

Why would the people of God ever want to leave the land that God had given them? God’s people, the descendants of Jacob (Israel) were seventy persons in all when they left the Promised Land and went to live in Goshen in Egypt, which is today’s place of focus. The Israelites moved to Egypt during the seven year famine that took place in Joseph’s time. 

They lived in Egypt for about four hundred and thirty years and ended up in terrible bondage there. Despite this, God continued to make good on His promises to Abraham and by the time the Israelites left Egypt the fighting men alone numbered over six hundred thousand. The total number of Israelites was probably over two million in total.

Interestingly, Egypt remained a symbol of slavery to the world system throughout the Bible story. 

Just as the Israelites were redeemed out of Egypt through the mighty working of God who poured out plagues on Egypt, so too will believers be delivered from this world system (also known as Babylon the Great) through severe judgements. The land of Egypt suffered great devastations during the exodus. This Earth will experience similar devastations during the second exodus, when the antitype of Egypt will experience God’s judgements. Revelation uses plague-like language to describe the judgements that God will visit on the Earth at that time. 

Although no-one knows the hour or the time, the current circumstances of global pandemic, which no-one could have foreseen just a few years back, should show you that the end is not necessarily centuries away – it could be closer than you think. 


Dear Father, deliver us from slavery to this world system and from the Satan the ruler of this world. Thank You Lord Jesus that You are the true ruler, the Prophet like Moses who, like Moses will accomplish for us a second exodus from slavery at the Second Coming. Amen


Have fun making popcorn together and getting other snacks ready. Then settle down and watch the Prince of Egypt movie together.