“For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil”
1 Peter 3: 17

Reading: 1 Peter 3: 13 – 1 Peter 4: 3

I had a dream once that I can never forget. I was a fairly new Christian at the time. In the dream myself and a Christian friend were sitting in a Junior School classroom. The Holy Spirit entered the classroom and began to teach us about how God brings transformation into our lives. When he got to point number 7 on the board, he stopped and exclaimed “This is God’s favourite method. It works the best!” And what do you think point number 7 was? Yes, suffering. In the dream my friend and I began to scream and squeal and hide our faces. No-one enjoys the idea of suffering. 

Have you ever suffered for Christ? Have you ever suffered at the hands of other people for doing what is right? In our text for today, Peter tells us that suffering is part of the deal. Christ suffered. It was unjust that he suffered but he did it in order to redeem us. Our suffering too will have both a cleansing and a redemptive purpose. 

Returning to our Peter Scriptures, let's look at the five ways in which Peter strengthens us for the possibility of suffering. 

1.Remember that Christ suffered to redeem us. First, he insists that we not forget that Christ, our great King and Savior suffered. 

2.Remember that Christ has triumphed and brought us safely to God. Peter strengthens us to suffer by telling us that Christ has triumphed over our greatest enemy and brought us safely to God. All will be the end. 

  1. Remember the days of Noah. The third way that Peter strengthens us for suffering is with the situation in Noah's day. 

4.Remember the meaning of baptism. The fourth way that Peter strengthens us for suffering is by describing the meaning of baptism. Peter describes baptism as an outward expression of a spiritual, inward appeal to God for cleansing. In other words, baptism is a way of saying to God: "I trust you to apply the death of Jesus to me for my sins and to bring me through death and judgment into new and everlasting life through the resurrection of Jesus." This may well include suffering. 

5.Remember that Christ is at God's right hand, ruling over all. One last way Peter strengthens us for suffering: he shows us that Christ is at the right hand of God ruling over all angels, authorities and powers. 

Take this one thought with you in preparation for your suffering. No harassing, oppressing, deceiving, accusing demon is free to do as he pleases. All angels, authorities, powers, devils, evil spirits, demons, and Satan himself are subject to Jesus Christ. 

If God wills it, are we ready to suffer?


Show me Lord, where I have, or am, suffering for You. 

For the family

For the next few days, watch this video series (Pt 1) about suffering, together.

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