Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?

Romans 6: 3

Reading: Romans 6: 1-10

The two ordinances that Jesus appointed for us, communion and baptism, both signify the death of Jesus. Without minimizing the importance of the resurrection of Christ, it is impossible to escape the tremendous weight put on his death in our Scripture reading for today. 

We are a people whose whole life before God hangs on the death of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus. 

In these verses, baptism signifies our death with Christ that was accomplished at Calvary and was first experienced by us when we were united to Christ by faith. As you read through Romans 6, you’ll notice that it happens in three stages. 

First, there is the historical event of Christ's death at Calvary when God saw us in Christ, so that his death was our death. This was the accomplishment of our death with Christ.

Second, we trusted in Christ and were thus united to him experientially, so our death with him became personal to us. This was the application to us through faith of what God accomplished for us at Calvary. 

Third, we were baptized in Christ's name. This was the signification of our death with Christ, our burial because we were dead. 

So there was the historical accomplishment of our death with Christ at Calvary, then the experiential application of our death with Christ by faith, then the symbolic signification of our death with Christ by burial, that is, baptism. Accomplishment in history, application by faith, signification through baptism. 


Thank You again Lord that I can be united with You in your death and resurrection. 

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