Now we’re no longer living like slaves under the law, but we enjoy being God’s very own sons and daughters!
Galatians 4: 7

Reading: Galatians 4

Do you remember your old life? How the future was dark and unknown? And then you received Christ. The future, although still relatively unknown, immediately looked brighter. 

There’s one thing that you cling to – you are God’s. Through Christ you were put into God’s family and that’s a forever thing. Every day is a new day that reminds you that you still belong to Him. He is your Father. 

If ever you start doubting or feeling anxious, remember your baptism day. That day happened in front of witnesses. On that day you declared to those around you and to the powers and principalities, that you had put your faith in Christ. 

Hold on tight to the faith that is inside your heart. It reminds you that you have been raised with Christ and the life you now live is in and through Him. 


Please remind me Lord, that now that I belong to Christ, I cannot be un-belonged. 

For the family

Explain this study in an age-appropriate way then listen to 

this song together.