"The Earth also was corrupt before God, and the Earth was filled with violence.” (NKJV).
Genesis 6:11

Reading: Genesis 6:3-12

Have you ever wondered what the pre-flood, post-fall world looked like? That is our focus for today. It is a Biblical time period known as the ante-diluvian era. It’s a little known but fascinating period of time because it is not just Jews and Christians who believe that the world can be divided into a pre-flood and a post-flood era. The Sumerian flood myth as well as other Near Eastern flood stories, reflect a similar tale. The Sumerican flood story tells of a time when the gods walked the earth and humans were immortal. After the flood, humans ceased to be immortal and the gods distanced themselves. The fall and the flood appear to be universal tales. 

According to the Bible, mankind had been commissioned to fill the Earth and by this time, mankind was busy doing so. The problem is, this had the effect of spreading sin, to the extent that the Earth was filled with violence and every inclination of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil continually. It seems that most of the inhabitants of the pre-flood world at had followed in the footsteps of the godless Cain and could not be considered as the people of God. Fortunately, God had kept for Himself the line of Shem, from whom Noah was birthed. It is likely that it was only Noah’s family – a remnant of a mere 8 people – who could be thought of as God’s people in all the Earth at that time! While the whole Earth is the LORD’s, God’s place remained undefined, for the Promised Land had not yet been given to Abraham. 

Does it seem strange to you that the land had to suffer as a consequence of mankind’s sin? The land had gone from being abundantly productive in Eden to being thistle-ridden and less productive after the Fall. Now, as a result of the flood the land would become totally water-logged and uninhabitable for land creatures for over a year. Man’s sin brought the flood on the ancient world and acts as a type of the final Judgement Day, in which the Earth will be destroyed by fire.


Dear Father, thank You for promising to deliver us from the wrath to come. Thank You for granting us a place in a restored universe, where we will again experience Your favour in the land. Amen.

For the family


Explain how mankind’s sin has also had huge consequences on the Earth. Then watch the video below together and discuss.