Yet as soon as the priests who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the water’s edge, the water from upstream stopped flowing.
Joshua 3: 15

Reading: Exodus 14; Joshua 3


Yesterday, we were discussing how baptisms accomplish change of identity. The Old Testament priestly system is not the only place where we see this. 

Our Readings for today indicate another fascinating example of how God uses baptism as a physical, spiritual and psychological aid for His people – in taking them from one state to another. 

Although baptism is not necessarily accomplished by or through water, it is a powerful symbol that God has used extensively in Scripture. In our two Readings for today, we look again at the river crossings that the Lord used as baptisms. This time we are looking at them through the prism of change of identity. 

In the Exodus verses we see how the people of God existed in Egypt under the oppressive rulership of the Pharaohs, essentially, as slaves. However, after they cross the Red Sea, which God accomplishes with mighty signs and wonders, they become the free people of God. From slave to freeman – change of identity. 

In the Joshua verses the next generation crosses the Jordan River, again accompanied by miraculous signs. Now the free, yet landless people of God, have changed their identity and become the landed, free people of God. 

How have the 5 baptisms - baptism into Christ, into the Holy Spirit, into the church, into suffering and into fire – achieved or indicated a change of identity for you? What crossings have you made in your life? Think deeply about that. It’s something we’ll be examining in detail later this month. 


Wow Lord, if I compare my life to that of the Israelites then I see that You are taking me on a life-changing journey. Thank You. 

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