so that you will not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and endurance inherit the promises.
Hebrews 6: 12

Reading: James 2: 14-26

The role that baptisms play in bringing individual Christians and whole churches and ministries into maturity, cannot be under-estimated. And really, it’s not rocket science. 

Jim Stier, together with his wife Pam, is the founder of Youth With A Mission in Brazil, a ministry that is universally recognised as super-successful. I heard him speak once and this question was asked of him: “To what do you attribute the growth and success of YWAM Brazil?” I will never forget his answer. He said: “I am a spiritual cretan, I’ve never worked a miracle or seen a vision in my life. All I did was, I stayed and didn’t give up, even though it was very hard.” 

Staying immersed and not giving up is the exact meaning of baptism. Baptism, immersion, is the sure path to success. Why is this? Because baptism is faith in action. 

You believe what you do. All the rest is mere talk. 


Lord, let me examine what I believe by examining what I do. 

For the family

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