The Lord God will give him the throne of his father, David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever.
Luke 1: 31-33

Reading: 2 Samuel 7: 12; Isaiah 9: 7

When Gabriel speaks of Jesus as heir to “the throne of his ancestor (father) David” this is understood by Mary, by the first century Jewish world, to mean the long awaited Messiah. The heir to David’s throne, the throne of leadership of God’s people, is to be born through her. 

Yes, Jesus was born to fulfil the promises that God made to David and about David. Jesus would occupy the throne of David, yet his Kingdom would have no end. 

Gabriel's announcement of an impending pregnancy was not the answer to Mary's prayers. It did not solve a long-standing problem with infertility. In short, this simply was not the time for Mary to have a baby. But that is at least partly the point of this story: it's not about Mary's time or plans but is simply and solely about God's timing, God's plans, and God's work. God is intervening in this world, upsetting schedules and re-aligning lives because that's what it takes to get God's premiere work of redemption accomplished.

The claim of this King on our lives can sometimes feel like an intrusion.  As with Mary, God’s timing with respect to the Saviour in our lives is immediate; it can mean upset schedules and re-aligned lives—this is God’s work of salvation.  Will you receive it?


Yes, Lord, You are free to interrupt my life at any time. I submit myself gladly to Your kingly claims.

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