As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water
Matthew 3: 16

Reading: Matthew 3

The word ‘baptism’ is derived directly from the Greek word ‘baptidzo’. Because of this, the actual meaning of the word can be easily lost. In fact, ask most people what ‘baptism’ is and they’re likely to reply that it’s a church ceremony or ritual. 

The word ‘baptidzo’ was a common Greek word in New Testament times. It means ‘to dip, plunge, hold under’ and especially ‘ to immerse’. ‘Immerse’, in turn, means to submerge in a liquid or involve oneself deeply in an activity.

Now think about that for a moment in the light of the 5 baptisms mentioned in the New Testament: baptism into Christ, baptism in the Holy Spirit, baptism into the church, baptism of suffering and baptism of fire. 

How differently do we think of these when we know that what they mean is: immersion into Christ, immersion in the Holy Spirit, immersion into the church, immersion of suffering and immersion of fire.  


Lord, I am ready for the big stuff – baptisms. Help me to understand and apply the teachings I will receive this month. 

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Watch this video of Jesus’ baptism