He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit..
Luke 3: 16

Reading: Matthew 3: 11, 12; Mark 10: 38, 39; Acts 2: 38; Hebrews 13: 12; 1 Corinthians 12: 12, 13; Ephesians 4: 4-6

Yesterday we looked at the fact that the way King’s Cross teaches and applies the baptisms has been the key to unlocking the pathway to maturity for hundreds of our members. 

So what are these baptisms and how do they work? 

There are in fact 5 baptisms mentioned in the New Testament, not just 1, but these 5 can be thought of as extensions of the one, all-important baptism into Christ. 

Those baptisms are: baptism into Christ; baptism of suffering’ baptism of fire; baptism in the Holy Spirit and baptism into the church. 

Each of these baptisms is in fact, a baptism into some or other aspect of Christ – it is not just baptism into suffering but into the suffering of, and on behalf of, or as a result of, commitment to Christ; baptism with the Holy Spirit is when Christ baptises us with His Holy Spirit; baptism with fire is a cleansing by the Spirit of Christ and for Christ’s sake; baptism into the church is baptism into the body of Christ and baptism into water depicts how we have been put into Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. 

This is what Paul meant in Ephesians 4: 4 – 6 when he said there was only ONE baptism. He was emphasising the “in-Christ-ness” of the Christian life. Spend a few moments now considering how complete your baptism into Christ truly is. 


Oh Lord, thank You that You truly are my all in all. I need no-one but You. 

For the family

Explain what the 5 baptisms are in an age appropriate way.