“Oh love the Lord, all you His saints. Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart”
Psalm 31: 23, 24

Reading: Psalm 73: 25, 26; John 17: 23

How wonderful that as we have been able to share with David in his distress, so now he shares with us the outcome of that trial. He says, in effect, all will be well, God will come through for you, so just love Him because He is faithful and worthy of your trust and love. 

I don’t know the nature of your trial but I think what David was going through at the time he wrote Psalm 31 pretty much covers most things: sickness, treachery, betrayal, slander, mental disturbance, extreme stress, grief, relentless attack from the enemy, rejection, abandonment, aloneness, sorrow. Through it all he cried out to his God for help, again and again. He did not cease to push through his feelings and reach out a trembling hand of trust to his God...again and again. Fresh waves of trouble came over him and threatened to sweep him away. And he cried out to God anew. Help me. Help me. I put my trust in You. Do not let me be put to shame for declaring Your faithfulness and for daring to put my trust in You. 

And, at the end, he was rewarded. Let this joyful conclusion fill you with hope and faith today. Take David’s advice. Love the Lord and thank Him for His faithfulness. Why? Because you are one of His dearly beloved saints. 

It is the last day of our devotions around Psalm 31. I am so happy to be able to leave you with these thrilling words be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord. I want to say to you today, be encouraged. Keep hoping and trusting in the Lord and He WILL strengthen your heart.  

In a way, this is a hard psalm to meditate upon because it speaks of horrible things, circumstances we hope never to have to go through. I do so pray that you will never have to go through any of the things that David faced as he wrote this psalm. But if you are going through a difficult, distressing time then there is probably no better place to turn than to Psalm 31

What have we learned from this psalm that God intentionally place in His living Word? That life can sometimes get really difficult. That the most helpful response is to turn to God in trust in the midst of your circumstances. That that is not always an easy thing to do and you will find yourself being flung away from that Rock by the circumstances – but that you will also find your way back to that Rock. That, despite what you’re feeling, God does hear you and is with you in this time. And that ultimately, His faithfulness will prevail and you will experience His help. 

I do hope that this meditation has been helpful to you, has strengthened you and that the Psalms and particularly Psalm 31 will always be the place you turn to in times of trouble. 


I love You Lord and I cry out to You once again today. Help me. Help me. I look to You for help. I cry out to You for assistance and deliverance. I am one of your dearly beloved saints, make haste to help me my God. 

Lord, thank You that You are the God of my whole life.