“But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord, “I say, ‘You are my God’”
Psalm 31: 14

Reading: Luke 1: 37; Luke 10: 19

Aha! We can tell that the Psalmist has broken through to remembering again who his God is. Everyone has something to say about his situation, worrying things, frightening things...but as for David, he trusts in the Lord even though his situation is dire.  

I know it’s very hard not to dwell upon your trouble...especially if you are experiencing sickness of body or mind because it’s very difficult to shake your focus on something that is internal, constantly with you, reminding you – but do try to shift your focus onto God, who He is, who He is for you, who He has been for you in the past and who He has promised to be for you forever. Not only will that deliver you from fear and make you feel better but it will help you to build the faith you need in order to receive from God. David did not pretend his stress was not happening. He tells God all about it and even what other people are saying about it. But then, when he considers who God is, his situation becomes smaller and his trust in God grows larger. 

The great thing about living by faith in God and not by natural means is that nothing is impossible with God. Many things are hopeless and impossible with man, but not with God. He is so much higher than any problem, sickness or perceived impossibility. All it takes to solve your problem is for you to put your trust consistently in God. 

Let’s stay a little longer on this all-important matter of trust in God...not an impersonal, ‘maybe’ God... YOUR God. The God who saved you in the first place, the God you know, the God of your whole life. 

Let me expose some of the lies that Satan will be telling you in your time of trial. God doesn’t know what’s happening to you. God is doing this to you to punish you for sin. God doesn’t care that this is happening to you. God thinks this is good for you so He’s not going to deliver you. God has been with you up to now but somehow, even though you can’t think what it is, you have now done something so bad that He has abandoned you. You will never have ‘enough faith’ to overcome your situation. Your situation is actually much worse than everyone realises. He is much more powerful than you or God and he has you in his clutches and you’re not going to get out. 

But Satan is a liar, don’t forget that. 

And don’t forget something else...he is a defeated foe. Once you were under his dominion but that was before you accepted Christ. Now he is no longer your master not even your equal. He grovels at Jesus’ feet and licks the dust off his boots. And in Jesus’ name, you have authority over him. 


Lord Jesus, thank you for the power and authority of your name. Thank you that you have given me permission to use your name against evil in this world. Now I rise up today in faith and use your name to resist the enemy. Help me Lord to break through into consistent trust in you. You are worthy of it but the battle to steal, destroy and limit my faith is real.