“a fortress of defence to save me, “For Your Name’s sake, lead me and guide me”
Psalm 31: 2


Reading: Matthew 6: 9-13; John 16: 12-15; John 14: 13; Philippians 2: 9, 10

A fortress is described as being ‘a military stronghold to protect’ and ‘a place or source of refuge and support’. This then is your God. He is a stronghold, a place of refuge and support. 

In your trial it will be made worse by the fears, threats, intimidations and other fiery darts that the enemy will fling at you. There is only one place to run to in order to protect yourself from all this – the Lord. Just flee to Him and He will take care of you, protect you and silence the taunts of the evil one. Remember the last verse of the Lord’s Prayer? Make it your own in this time – lead me not into temptation but deliver me from the evil one. 

One of the hardest things to deal with in a trial is the confusion and loss of control. Generally, in a place of severe difficulty there is the sense of being swept away by circumstances beyond your control, frightening, confusing circumstances. 

There is much need for guidance in such a time – and as you wrest yourself from the vortex of confusion and grab hold of the Lord, your Rock, you will find that leading and guidance comes to you. You will begin to sense Jesus as a solid, immovable pillar within. Yes, your flesh can be bruised, frightened, devoured – but Christ within is solid. He will hold you when you cannot hold yourself. He will lead you and guide you. A good example of this is when I, in my recent trial, turned to the Lord and began to call out to Him for a Scripture that could be my guide – and He brought me to this very psalm. 

I want to challenge you today to ask God for something very small but very specific concerning your trial. Perhaps, as I did, ask Him for a Scripture you can pray or some small sign that He hears you. He will give you this to encourage your soul.

I prayed Psalm 31 so many times a day during the trial I went through that eventually I had it memorised. Why don’t you take some time today to memorise the first two verses of this Psalm? These truths will sink into your heart and strengthen you. 

David goes on to say, “for Your name’s sake…”. There is power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 2: 9, 10, one of our readings for today, that God has given him the name that is above every other name. Beings in heaven (angels), on earth (people) and under the earth (demons) must all bow to his authority because the Father has given ALL authority to him. 

That Name holds sway over Satan and his entire domain, that Name holds sway over sin, sickness and even, death. In your current situation, call upon the name of the Lord Jesus constantly. Pray in this Name, make your petitions in this Name, declare your healing, your deliverance, your provision, your help in this Name. Submit to this Name and resist the devil in this Name. Hide behind this Name. 

Smith Wigglesworth tells of a time when he was praying for a name who was dying of tuberculosis. All he did was stand beside his bed and repeat the name of Jesus over and over again until the presence of God entered that room and the man was raised up. 

There is tremendous power over sickness, disease and the devil in the Name of Jesus. 

It is easy to feel so powerless and defeated in times of extreme distress; but may I remind you today to use the little strength you have to speak out the Name of Jesus into your situation. 


Heavenly Father, thank You for reminding that You are the highest authority in and beyond the Universe; therefore you are an impregnable hiding place for me. Lord my God, I so desperately need a sense that there is guidance and leading for me in the midst of my confusion. Thank You for Your Word. And now I rise up in the little strength that I have to say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Son of God, Son of David, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – there is healing and deliverance and salvation in your Name.