“In You, O Lord, I put my trust”
Psalm 31: 1

Reading: John 14: 1; 1 Peter 5: 7; Psalm 55: 22

In You, O Lord, I put my trust. It’s easy to put our trust in the Lord when things are going well..or even moderately badly..or perhaps we have a need in one or two areas. But when all hell breaks loose within, upon and around us, alas, our steadfast trust in the Lord is found to be anything but!

I love the fact that David starts his Psalm with this statement. In You, O Lord, I put my trust. Whoever turns here for guidance and comfort in times of trouble will immediately be held fast by these words and find their feet, once again, upon a Rock. For despite all circumstances, no matter the battle you’re in, there is nowhere else to fly for shelter and assistance than the Lord Himself. Allow this psalm to anchor you in your trustworthy God so that the stress of the trial does not sweep you away. Yes, say it again and again. Convince yourself and all of heaven that indeed, you put your trust in the Lord and even if, for some times, your trust has been shaken; it has now returned. 

In times of severe trial we are weak. We have little strength of mind, body or spirit to draw upon. Just when we seem to need it most, we have it least. But one thing we can do. Forgetting our own lack, we can fling ourselves upon the ever-living, Almighty God and put our trust in Him. 

He is El Elyion, the All Mighty, All Sufficient, Most High God. Nothing is impossible for Him, too difficult for Him. He is merciful. He is attentive to His people’s cries. He is the One who cares for you so you may confidently cast your cares and burdens upon Him. He is well able to bear them, well able to bear you – even in your weakest hour. 

These are not self-help boosters; these are truths that can strengthen you as you read them, meditate upon them, pray them, declare them. 

It is all too easy to forget God’s love and His power in your time of great need. Allow me to encourage you to think back to the many times and situations in which God has come to you and delivered you. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

Remember this if nothing else; in EVERY and ANY situation, put your trust in the Lord. 


The stress of the trial is great my God and the tempter wishes me to flounder and doubt. Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I; help me to put my trust in You even in the midst of much confusion and distress.