The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day.

READING: John 15: 9–17

The story of God visiting with Abraham is one of the great highlights of  the story of Abraham. We see a true reflection of the relationship that God  intended to have with man. No other twenty-four hour period in Abraham’s  life is described in greater detail.  

The covenant meal that they have and the way that God shares his plan to  destroy Sodom with Abraham, reflects the level of friendship that God and  Abraham had with each other (verse 17). This level of intimacy is further  demonstrated when we see how Abraham, as a true intercessor, comes  before God to plead for the city. This is the same city, by the way, whose  king had treated Abraham so badly even after Abraham had rescued him.  Can you see how Abraham had grown in grace and Godliness?  

This type of friendship is the same that we are invited into by Jesus in our  reading for today, from the Gospel of John. Jesus tells us that we are his  friends if we do what he commands. We are no longer his servants because  a servant does not know the master’s business, but now we are called friends  because he tells us everything that he has learned from the Father. God tells  his friends what is going on and hides nothing from them, even when the  thing that he tells of is destructive, as was the case with Sodom. May we  respond like Abraham who intercedes with compassion and urgency, when  the Lord our friend gives us insight into His plans.  


Father, this is what You want and this is what I want too; the type of  friendship with You that starts in relationship and increases to a deep  and unshakable trust.