He declared to you His covenant, the Ten Commandments, which He commanded you to follow and then wrote them on two stone tablets.
Deuteronomy 4:13


Reading: Deuteronomy 4:5-8, Matthew 5:17-20

Christmas time can be the breeding ground for family squabbles and struggles – or it can be a beautiful time of get-together and unity. God too used sacred feasts as occasions to produce unity in His people.

After that first great deliverance from death and slavery, a bonding experience if ever there was one, the sacred feasts became regular reminders of God’s saving power and powerful tools to pass all this on to the next generation.

By practicing the feasts during their Wilderness journey, they became a united people whom God could lead into the promised land. Until they were delivered from their slavish mentality, God could not give them their own land, country, or home to own and look after.

The sacred feasts were not the only tools that God used to unite His people. At Mt Sinai, in the Wilderness, He also gave them a copy of the Ten Commandments. By obeying His laws together, the people of God would learn to become a nation who obeyed God and behaved in righteousness toward one another. The laws that were given covered all aspects of life including how to govern the nation, how to live in the home and how to worship God. About six hundred case studies interpreted by the Ten Commandments were given, to gradually change them from slaves into God’s obedient children. They quickly learned that if anyone broke one of the commandments, the whole nation was affected. And in this way realized the significance of unity.

God has written these same laws on your heart by His Spirit. These laws command you to love God and others. These laws of the Spirit will transform you from a self-centered individual into someone who can join with a united people, made ready to be entrusted with the inheritance left for us by the death of Christ Jesus.


Thank you for Your law written by the Holy Spirit on my heart. Holy Spirit help me to walk in Your law so that my transformation from slave to mature son/daughter may be complete.

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The Ten Commandments