So Abram went up from Egypt to the Negev, with his wife and everything he had, and Lot went with him.

READING: Hebrews 10: 35–39

The story of Abraham and Lot is a story of contrast. One man will trust the  promises that God has made to him and the other will try and make his own  way in life. Contrast is a strong method of teaching that the Bible uses to  show us what a life ends up looking like when we do things Gods way as  opposed to what it looks like when we do things our own way.  

When Abraham and Lot came out of Egypt their wealth had grown so much  that the land could not sustain them both, so that they had to part ways. As  we read Genesis, chapter 13, we see that Lot was attracted by the fertile  plains; verse 12 tells us that he pitched his tents near Sodom, while verse 13  points out that the men of that city were sinning against the Lord. How is  that this man who had experienced the fulfilment of the promises of God  would chose to go and live in a place where the people were sinning greatly  against the Lord? He saw the fertile land and thought that it would be a  greater source of blessing than the promise of God. It’s obvious that he had  been living off Abraham’s faith; this is second-hand faith or hearsay faith.  

Are we compromising because what we see looks better than the promise  of God? Or maybe we are living on someone else’s promises because it is  easier than going to spend the time with our heavenly father ourselves.  


Lord thank you for Godly people that are example to us of how  to hold on by faith to the promises that you have given. I ask that  you would speak your word to me concerning all the needs and  challenges that are in my life so that I too may grow in faithfulness  to you and not be lured away by the seemingly easy substitutes that  temp me daily.