Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.
Romans 10: 17

READING: Romans 10: 17 

Can you remember how God helped Abraham to grow in faith concerning  the fact that God had called him ‘the father of many nations’?  

He changed his name. And Abraham had to say that name even when,  according to the physical evidence, he had no children to speak of. God  has done the same with us. Think about it. He has changed our name. We  are now called Christian, ‘little Christ’ or ‘follower of Christ’ It is only by  holding on to this great confession that the righteousness given to us as a  gift becomes a reality in us. This confession is the true mark of faith that we  speak unreservedly and boldly, even when we don’t display all the evidence  of a righteous life. Some would say that it is lying to call yourself righteous  when you are not, but the Bible calls this faith in what God has said.  

Faith does not wait till something has appeared before it says it is so, faith  calls something that is not, before it is.  


Lord I don’t ask you for more faith, I ask that you will open my heart  to receive your spoken word so that your faith would grow in my  heart. I pray that you would expose any counterfeit “faith” so that I  may discern what is true Bible faith. Lord I want to bring glory to your  name by believing your Word in the face of what is not possible by  human means or ability. I thank you that you have called me to this  kind of life while I am on this earth, let me be both challenged and  inspired by this glorious call.