Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

READING: Romans 4: 12–17

What does it look like when someone believes God? If trust in the promise  of God brings the gift of righteousness, should we not have a closer look at  what this faith looks like? 

Faith did not come to Abram by some unknown means, nor was he able to  generate it by himself. Faith came as he heard the promise of God and this  Word went into his heart, where it produced an ability to believe the very  word that was spoken. The word of God spoken out of His mouth produces  a faith that is so powerful that it created everything that we can see and  even that which we cannot see. Jesus described the word as a seed because  within a seed is power to produce whatever is in the seed. (Mark 4: 20) 

Abram did not know how it was that he believed with all of the absolute  impossibilities that were in front of him. How was he going to get the land  that was already occupied by the Canaanites, and how could he have a son  when he and Sarai were so old and barren? But he had heard the promises  of God and these promises were growing a faith in him that would overcome  all the obstacles that he was facing. 


Thank you Father for the power of your Word to produce the kind of  faith in me that can believe for what would otherwise be impossible,  to be made as righteous as you are. Lord give me a heart that is both  open and teachable to hear the Holy Spirit every day that there may  be an ever increasing faith in my heart.