Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

READING: Galatians 3: 6, 10–14

Abram was around a long time before the law was given to Moses on the  Mountain of Sinai. He had a righteousness that was not based on keeping  God’s good law; but on believing God’s Word.  

Abram’s, and all of humanity’s, inability to keep all the law of God is the  reason why there is a curse on mankind. After all, keeping the perfect law of  God was not God’s wish for mankind but His absolute command! What is  the curse on mankind that comes from not keeping the law? The horrifying  curse of being banished out of the presence of God to a life of aimless  emptiness and death. 

This is what the blessing of righteousness changed for Abram. And now,  through Christ, has changed for us. Christ hanging on a tree has not only  redeemed us from this curse but has provided us with the same blessing  that was given to Abram- the blessing of being declared right before God.  

Can we know what it means to be completely righteous by nothing that we  ourselves have done? If we can, then we can enjoy the ultimate prize that  this righteousness brings - the restoration of the very presence of God the  Holy Spirit in our lives and the exhilaration of fellowship with him. Eternal life  can begin right here, right now.  


Praise you Jesus for removing the curse of separation off my life, by  becoming a curse for me on the cross. I thank you that your work of  redemption has made it possible for the Holy Spirit to come live in  my body, and be my teacher, friend and Lord