Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

READING: Genesis 15

Can you see how very much God loves it when His people believe what He  tells them? God was so delighted with Abram’s response of faith that He  blessed him with the greatest blessing there is – He declared him righteous.  

We may ask why this is so significant for Abram and, for that matter, for us.  It is simply this. Sin separates us from God and all His blessings; but the  righteousness that God gives is the same kind of righteousness that He has,  a righteousness that is completely perfect. What a blessing that a man who  is born into sin, and completely sinful in everything, should be told by the  only true holy and righteous God that he has been made as righteous as  God himself.  

There is no greater blessing than this; there is nothing that God can give to  us that can surpass this. It is this blessing that every person on earth should  want more than life and breath itself. 


Heavenly Father, grant me afresh the revelation of being declared  righteous by you.