Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.
John 17:3

 READING: Genesis 11: 28–32

We’ve seen where Abram came from; but where was he going? Genesis  tells us that his father Terah had a dream; he wanted to take his family to the  land of Canaan.  

Unfortunately, along the way, this family experienced more than their fair  share of hardship and disappointment. Haran, Abram’s older brother, died  while they were still in Ur. This was a great tragedy, as verse 28 points out  that his father was still alive. No father should have to bury his child. On  top of that, Abram’s wife Sarai could not have children. In those days and in  that culture, childlessness was a reason for shame and a sign that you were  cursed by the gods.  

Alas, Abram’s father never fulfilled his dream of taking his family and settling  them in the land of Canaan but instead, became comfortable in the city of  Haran. 

Where was God when Abram and his family were going through all this?  Perhaps you have also wondered this at some time in your life; when you  lost a family member, or did not see the fulfilment of a dream, or maybe  while living with the shame of something that was done to you.  


I call out to you Father and ask you to help me through all my  disappointments and sadness. Set me free from all the guilt and  shame in my heart and give me your comfort as I walk in fellowship  with you everyday.