Any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple!
Luke 14:33

Reading: Luke 14:25-35; Matthew 10: 34-42

All the way from Heaven, through a virgin birth in poverty-stricken conditions, to Earth, Jesus came. His was a great sacrifice indeed – and that is why our salvation is free but by no means cheap. Our great King insists on an equal abandonment to Himself from each and every one of his disciples – not just the fulltime ‘professionals’. 

The invitation Jesus made to each of those who became his disciples was unique to that individual disciple. The call they heard in their hearts was the destiny that had been hidden in there for a long time. It only needed Jesus to call it forth. 

There is nothing more wonderful in the whole world than being sought, found and called by Jesus. But when we answer that call to follow, let us by sure that we will not look back, that all we hold dear will take second place to the voice of Jesus. His must be the only voice that our heart responds to, the only voice that sounds in our ears and the only voice to which our spirit is finely attuned. Jesus said that ‘no man can serve two masters.’ When you are single focussed the chance of error is reduced because there is no distraction. It’s a choice you make on a daily basis, “Follow me and …”

The journey to becoming a fisher of men is an interesting one because it demands everything that is you. Have you discovered this yet?


Lord, show me where I am holding onto something in spite of Your instruction to give it to You. 

For the family

Have fun creating and playing this fishing game. Then explain the study in an age-appropriate way. 

DIY fishing game