Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. 
Ruth 1:16   

Reading: Ruth chapters 1 to 4 

Before we emigrated to Australia from South Africa, my wife and I did a lot of study about the country we were going to; the geography, the culture, which side of the road to ride on and whether there were churches we could attend upon arrival. 

All Ruth had was the grapevine and what her mother-in-law could tell her.

In reading the story of Ruth I was touched by the relationship she must have had with her mother-in-law, Naomi. In leaving Moab and arriving in Bethlehem Ruth left behind everything that was known to her since a little child. Especially the relationship she had to idols, which were visible, to the God of the Israelites, who was invisible. In putting her faith in Naomi, she simultaneously acknowledged Naomi’s God and accepted the He would be her God. What is more remarkable about this story is that Ruth, a Moabite, had to publically convert to Judaism in order for her to marry Boaz. I think this difficult process must have been made easier for her as she had Naomi who had coached her in her new life in Bethlehem and then in the worship of the God of Israel.

We all need to be taught by those who are skilled in the Word of God and in the doctrine of the apostles. Are we studying to show ourselves approved with faith like that of Ruth, prepared to do what is necessary?


Dear God, bless those who teach us to walk in Your ways.

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