“Before I had finished praying in my heart, behold, Rebekah came out with her water jar on her shoulder.”
Genesis 24:45   

Reading: Genesis 24:1-67   

I have often heard parents and grandparents telling stories of how they had been praying for their children or grandchildren asking God to match them with Godly husbands or wives. I wondered whether there was a biblical precedent.

The story of the servant who was tasked by Abraham to go back to his homeland and get a wife for his son Isaac is an example. The servant established the ground rules for the trip. Loaded with choice gifts for dowry and provisions for the journey he travelled back to Ur. When he arrived at his destination he prayed a simple prayer asking God to show Abraham favour. No sooner has he said his prayer than along comes Rebekah. At his request for a drink of water she agrees to water his camels as well. He enquires who she and her family are, and realises that his quest is almost over. He meets her family, they have a wonderful dinner and the arrangements for him to return with Rebekah are made, if she agrees. Rebekah agrees and everyone is happy. They leave for Canaan the next day.

Rebekah and Isaac meet and it is love at first sight. The servant’s faith in the God of Abraham is rewarded with success. How does what you are believing God for compare with Rebekah’s story?


Dear God, help me pray simply bold prayers for You to answer.

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