But Rahab the prostitute and … all who belonged to her, Joshua saved alive.
Joshua 6:25   

Reading: Hebrews 11:30-31, Joshua 2:1-19

In reading the story of Rahab I was touched by the following: One, the two spies had gone to her house and stayed there as guests. Two, she risked her life in helping them to escape discovery and get back safely to Joshua. Three, she believed the spies would ensure her salvation.

Canaan, and more so Jericho, were getting ready for an invasion. They had heard stories about this nation that was now encamped on the other side of the Jabuk River. Their scouts had brought back stories of vast numbers of people and animals. The intercontinental grapevine told stories of a large army with very little cavalry. One day soon after the Israelites appeared on the other side of the river these two men arrive at Rahab’s little accommodation unit. She sensed they were different and when she engaged them in conversation she ‘knew’ they were Israelites. She though very quickly and decided to cut a deal with them. She would hide them in exchange for safe passage when they did invade. Not long after they left this vast army started marching silently around Jericho. Rahab was so glad that the spies had come to her establishment!

What promise has God made you in the face of insurmountable odds? Are you looking at the odds or are you resting in the promise you have been given?


Dear God, help me keep my eyes fixed on You despite what I may see.

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