By faith Moses kept the Passover and sprinkled the blood…

Reading: Hebrews11:23-29, Exodus 12:21-24

Moses told the Israelites to go and slaughter a lamb per household. Having done so they should take a bunch of hyssop, a mint-like plant, dip it in the blood and sprinkle it on the lintel and the two doorposts of the door of their mud brick house.

Imagine you have been an Israelite slave of the Egyptians for most of your thirty years of life. You live in a mud house and work twelve hour days making bricks and building pyramids in the hot sun. This guy Moses has told you that Elohim is going to set you free. Nine plagues later and you see the Egyptians are smirking and refusing to let God’s people go. Moses comes along and says that plague number ten is going to bring death to the firstborn of every home that does not have blood sprinkled on the doorposts. The very next day Pharaoh is going to kick all the Israelites out of Egypt. He will even give them wealth as an encouragement to leave. You have one of two choices. Do what Moses says and leave Egypt a wealthy man, or not do anything and wake up to find your eldest son dead.

The evidence of God’s Word is the proof that God does exactly what He says he is going to do. You have one of two choices. Believe God and trust Him, or do not to take Him at his word and suffer loss. 


Dear God, please let it not take nine plagues before I believe and trust You. 

For the family

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