By faith Abraham, when he was tested, went to offer up Isaac.
Hebrews 11:17   

Reading: Hebrews 11:8-19, Genesis 22:1-14 

I have often wondered how Abraham managed to sleep the night before he was due to sacrifice Isaac to God. God had promised and then acted on His promise. Isaac was born to the 100 year old man. What was going on?

It should not surprise us that Abraham’s trust of God would be tested.

I enjoy watching people hand-make knives. At times, these makers are challenged to see, and prove, how sharp, tough and strong that knife is. It’s called a ‘Destruction Test’. A knife has not been destroyed yet, but, their quality and durability have been severely tested. The final test is that the knife should easily slice through a suspended sheet of paper. In most cases they pass this test. As I write this I am wondering whether we could survive the test of faith just as Abraham did. I don’t think God would ask us to sacrifice a child, but what about sickness, redundancy, bankruptcy or a breakdown in relationship? What if the answer to prayer was delayed? Would we wait in trust?

Do we really believe God when He says that He will never forsake us? Or that He will be our shield and we will always walk with head held high because our faith has been tested? I wonder…


Dear God, please strengthen my knees so that I can overcome, in Jesus’ name. 

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