By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.
Hebrews 11:3   

Reading: Genesis 1:1-5; Psalm 33:6-9  

The Law of Life had to have a physical beginning which can only be attributed to an invisible life force that must, logically, have existed prior to the invisible being made visible. We Christians understand by faith that the name of this life force is Jehovah/Yahweh, or as He revealed himself to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM’. What an interesting name.

From the Masoretic Texts the meaning of the personal name of the Israelite God has been variously interpreted. Many scholars believe that the most proper meaning of Yahweh or Jehovah may be “He Brings into Existence Whatever Exists”. There are also other sources and texts which hold to the more traditional meanings of Jehovah being translated as "The Existing One" or "LORD." This Israelite God acts according to his names as they were given to mankind. First he reveals his existence and then he creates our universe. The creation of the universe is the first act of faith that is recorded in the bible. He then reveals his emotional dimension by declaring that what he has created is ‘Good’! And finally God has mankind record his sovereign act by divinely inspiring a scribe to record the creation and the different aspects of his divinity.

I am always humbled when I read these words, “In beginning created God…” God literally reveals himself to us in a blaze of glory. No matter what you think, our God cannot be ignored!


Dear Father God, Take me on a journey of discovery with you. In Jesus’ name.

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