For the things that are seen are temporal (transient), but the things that are unseen are eternal
2 Corinthians 4:18    

Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:7-18; Genesis 1:24-31

At one time or another you will be introduced to the Law of Entropy for living organisms., These living organisms, mankind being one of them, take in food, water and oxygen, and, as a result of metabolism, give out breakdown products and heat. In this way they grow. Eventually they die, and their remains rot away, turning mostly back into carbon dioxide and water.

The opposite of the Law of Entropy is the Law of Life. There are two sets of the Law of Life. One is seen and the other is unseen. Mankind lives a temporal life and an eternal life. The quality of both these lives are dependent on the choices we make. 

For the temporal life the end is a physical death and a decaying body. For the spiritual life the end is the transition from this visible physical world to the invisible world of eternity. However, eternal life has two definite, totally different, destinations. One is called ‘heaven’ and the other is called ‘hell’. Which one of these you live in forever is predicated by a single choice you make while physically living on earth. That choice is: Do you accept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and make him the King of your heart?

For the sake of these devotionals we are going to assume that you have made Jesus the King of your heart. If you have not made this choice then we encourage you to give this decision very serious consideration over the next days. 


Dear God and the Father of Jesus Christ, Draw my heart closer to yours by the power of your Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus.

For the family

You will find 13 role models in the resource below that you can discuss with your children over this month

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