And the Lord said to Moses, "See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron shall be your prophet"

Exodus 7: 1


Reading: Exodus 3: 12-20; Mark 6: 1-6

In the story of the Exodus that we are focusing on this month, the Pharaoh of Egypt is one of the main characters - and the leader whom Moses had to be bold enough to confront, over and over again. Why didn't God deal directly with Pharaoh? Because God very, VERY seldom does that. His usual modus operandi is to use a human being.

God sent Moses to speak to Pharaoh on His behalf. Moses was AS God to Pharaoh, and He made Himself known to the Egyptians by His acts of judgment. Those signs and wonders were to tell both the Egyptians and the Hebrew elders that Moses was, indeed, sent from God. They played the same role in the life of our other great Liberator, Jesus Christ.

So why God doesn’t just do a few spectacular signs and wonders for the world to see, at the same time, and then send Jesus back? God could, but He chooses to use you and I. He asks you and I to be like Moses, like Jesus, and go to the people and do the signs and wonders for Him. Our lives are a billboard of the power and works of God. When God sends you, expect signs and wonders to follow as proof.

Are you able to accept this, that God wants to show off His power through you? Today, God has many people on Earth who can plunder Satan's labour camps and set the captives free As you bring this message of freedom to the world, expect to see signs and wonders following. 



Lord where I’ve walked in self-doubt and insecurity I repent and agree with You. Thank You that You want to make my name great to show Your Glory. Father I walk today expecting signs and wonders to follow.

For the family

Help the children understand that signs and wonders are not for them but for others to see who sent them.
Discuss the concept of a police officer with his badge; ask the kids if they think he needs the badge or if those around him need the badge? He doesn’t need the badge because he knows that he did his training and then went through a ceremony to show that he was a police officer and then he was given a badge to help people like us who weren’t at the ceremony know that he is a real policeman. It is the same with us, we know who God is and what he has asked us to do but those around us don’t know that he sent us to them so he sends his signs and wonders to help them.