Of those whom you gave me I have lost not one.
John 18:9

Reading: John 18:1-11; Mark 14:43-50

Even in his darkest hour, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus never stopped thinking about his disciples, he never stopped protecting them.  

The remarkable thing about Jesus is, in all his actions while with his disciples, Jesus demonstrated the truths he taught. He lived the truth as an example, his disciples watched him intently and later learned to imitate his way of life. His way of walking, his way of speech and in some cases even the way that he thought, became the model for those early apostles and disciples. They spent so much time with him that they became walking documents of Jesus’ life and teachings. They were shaped into a good likeness of Jesus, and, as such, they were very, very valuable to the Gospel, to the Kingdom of God.  He could not afford that anything should happen to them because if even one of them perished the undiluted Gospel message would be diminished by 1/12th or almost 8.3%. Jesus had given himself to them in a way that could not be repeated again. 

Do you know Jesus well enough so that if anything happened to you it would be considered a loss for the gospel of Jesus, a loss to the cause of Christ?


Dear Lord, I want to keep learning from You about You so that I can imitate Jesus and become an asset to the Kingdom.

For the family

Play a game of Charades with your children. Explain to them that that is how we sometimes tell others about Jesus, by acting the way he would.