And I say to you, "Let my son go that he may worship me. If you refuse to let him go, I will kill your firstborn son.

Exodus 4: 23


Reading: Romans 12: 1

God’s desire is for a people to worship Him.

People were created to have fellowship and closeness to their creator – God. There is a void in each human being that can only be filled by God living in us through His Holy Spirit. We get deceived into ignoring this longing and try filling this void with the worship of things, experiences and people.

God’s desire for a people to worship Him is not rooted in a selfish need of God for worship (as if he was insecure and needed a boost) but is borne out of our need to worship. We become like what we worship.

Worship is not just singing songs during a service but a lifestyle of sacrificial service and surrender to God. Your work is worship, your sport or hobby is worship, your daily chores are worship.

Have you reduced your life to doing things or are you living as worship to Him, giving glory to God in all you do?


Lord may my life be worship to You today. In all I do today may I do it unto You, may it reflect your glory and greatness. Where I’ve separated my life into Sunday worship and Monday work, I repent and agree that all my life is worship.

For the family


Spend some time as a family praising God and then have a conversation about all the other ways each of you could praise God throughout your day.

Examples are: 

Be respectful to those in authority
Be generous
Be kind

Be diligent in the work God has given you