“I am the Resurrection and the life”
John 11: 25

Reading: John 5 and 11

So integral is the whole concept of resurrection to the Gospel of Christ, that Jesus even calls himself the Resurrection. 

And, like in all things Jesus did, this is not mere talk...moments after making that assertion to Martha, the sister of dead Lazarus, Jesus called him up from the grave, back from death, and proved that he is indeed the Resurrection and the life. 

Jesus calls himself the Resurrection. O death where is your sting, where is your victory, it has been swallowed up in life. The Bible says that death could not hold Jesus; that he conquered death – not just for himself – but on our behalf too. 

According to Acts 13: 30 ff., Jesus was raised from the dead in order to fulfil God’s promises to the fathers, specifically the ‘holy and sure blessings promised to David.’ When you link these Scriptures to Romans 1: 3, 4, you could say that the ‘power’ phase of Jesus’ ministry began with his resurrection. Jesus’ resurrection marked a turning point in his identity as the last Adam. In his rising from the dead he assumed a new mode of existence as the life-giving Spirit, that is, he is present in his church by his Spirit. He now has an indestructible, resurrection life. 

His resurrection can be likened to a coronation of an earthly king. He is still fully human and fully Divine. He is the first-born from the old age of and I are also in that number, following after him. 


Lord, truly this faith that I stepped into, more through Your grace than my wisdom, is far more glorious and powerful than I suspected. Thank you so much for including me amongst those who will be resurrected to eternal life.

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