But Moses said to God, "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt"

Exodus 3: 11


Reading:  Exodus 4: 10-17

Moses' question to God “Who am I?” sounds like a humble innocent question, doesn't it? So why does God's anger burn against Moses? There are a number of reasons.

Firstly, Moses had experienced an incredible theophany - God had actually appeared to Moses through the burning bush. This is a high privilege and should have been more than enough to win Moses' trust. 

Secondly, Moses was expressing great insecurity in himself but this is really secret pride. He was thinking more about himself than he should have; it was God who was going to fulfill His call through Moses. 

When we fall in to the trap of comparing ourselves to someone else, we forget that God knows the end from the beginning and created us on purpose and with purpose. Just like a giraffe is created with a long neck to reach the top leaves and a rhino is created with a square flat mouth to graze grass, so we too have been created by God to do His will. When we say we can't do something that God is calling us to do, we are actually accusing God of not knowing what He is doing.

Have you fallen in to the comparison trap? Do you compare yourself to someone else and wish you had their ability, their gift set, their home, their family? Repent of your insecurity and pride. Thank God for the unique way He has created you.


Thank You, Father, for Your perfect design. Thank You that You created me with specific purpose in mind. You have gifted me and formed me to fulfil Your call and plan in my life. I surrender to Your will. Help me not to compare and dishonour who You have made me to be. 

For the family


Watch this clip from the book You are Special by Max Lucardo. Talk about this and what your kids think about this.