“the is raised imperishable”
1 Corinthians 15: 42

Reading:  1 Corinthians 15: 35 - 55

Continuing our discussion from yesterday; it is imperative that you, as a believer, fully accept that your understanding of the Gospel is not complete until it includes the fact of your bodily resurrection.

What kind of body will you be raised into? Paul answers this for us in our reading for today. Our new body, the one we will spend eternal life in, will be immortal – it will never die; it will be imperishable – it will not be subject to aging or disease; and it will be like Jesus’ glorified body. When Paul calls our resurrection a ‘spiritual’ body, he does not mean that it will be non-material. No, he means it will be a body that is suited to life in the Spirit.

Oh my dearest brother, my precious sister, I beg you to believe this today. It will completely change the way you live on earth and it will extend your vision beyond the grave. There is much good that your life in Christ can bring you on this earth, in this life, but all of this is nothing compared to what lies ahead for you. 


Father, what awaits me in the future is too wonderful for me to take in! But I want to take it in, I want to believe and know and be strengthened by this wonderful truth, so seldom heard in Gospel preaching today. 

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