“wait for the gift my Father promised”
Acts 1: 4

Reading: Acts 1: 1 and 2

Continuing our discussion on the results of Jesus’ resurrection, we find another incredible consequence in the first two chapters of the book of Acts

After Jesus’ resurrection he was on earth for fourty days before leading his disciples to Bethany, just outside Jerusalem. There he gave them his final instructions – wait for the power from heaven. Then he lifted his hands, blessed them and disappeared from their sight – going upwards. It was clear that he didn’t disappear into thin air, he went to a place. The Bible tells us that when he got to heaven, he received glory, honour and authority. The Bible tells us that Jesus “sat down” at the right hand of God – this indicates that his work of redemption is complete. Another indication of the authority Jesus received is the fact that the Holy Spirit was poured out – he received authority to do that.  

He is still with us, Jesus’ followers, to help us continue the mission that Jesus began. 


Lord, thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to work powerfully within and alongside us. Thank you also that I can know that my final home will be in heaven with you. This gives me great joy. 

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