“it was not with perishable things that you were redeemed”
1 Peter 1: 18

Reading: 1 Corinthians 1: 30, 31; Ephesians 1: 3 – 14; Romans 3: 21 - 26

Not just justified...not just peace with God...not just perfected....but redeemed as well. 

Redemption is a word that means ‘bought back’. In New Testament times it was used most often in the context of the slave market. Occasionally a slave was bought by someone and then released to freedom – he or she was said to have been ‘redeemed’ – bought back. Today we could think of a pawnbroker. When you take an item to a pawnshop, they hold it until you can return and pay to receive it back. 

Our lives were like that. Because of sin...Satan had a tremendous hold on us. But now we have been redeemed – bought back. Deliverance will be the on-going experience of the born-again Christian because of this redemption. You can expect every aspect of your life before Christ to be altered and ‘bought back’ by Jesus as you serve, obey and follow Him. There’s a song that says “ Satan has no authority here”. Indeed, you have been given authority in Christ over your old enemy, the devil. Make sure you exercise it.


Oh it was horrible living under the heel of the enemy Lord. I thank you SO much for delivering me from all his cruelty and deception. Thank you that I can serve you, a righteous, holy God.

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