Now these are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob; they came each one with his household.

Exodus 1:1


Reading:  Exodus 1: 1-7; Genesis 46: 8

Today we join the people of God as they prepare to leave Egypt, the land in which they have been living for generations. In the Big Picture we headline this section of the Bible story as The Exodus. 

As you do the Readings for today you'll be reminded that the Exodus is not a story on its own, but a continuation of God's story. Notice the similarity between the Exodus 1 reading and the Genesis 46 reading - both record a list of the sons of Israel; the one is a list of those who left the Promised Land to go to Egypt; the other is a list of the people who are about to leave Egypt and re-enter the Promised Land. 

Exodus 1: 1-7

These are the names of the sons of Israel who went to Egypt with Jacob, each with his family: Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah; Issachar, Zebulun and Benjamin; Dan and Naphtali; Gad and Asher. The descendants of Jacob numbered seventy in all; Joseph was already in Egypt. Now Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation died, but the Israelites were exceedingly fruitful; they multiplied greatly, increased in numbers and became so numerous that the land was filled with them.

Genesis 46: 8

These are the names of the sons of Israel (Jacob and his descendants) who went to Egypt: Reuben the firstborn of Jacob.

I invite you to enter in to this month's studies in the light of what has come before.  Not only that, I invite you to think of your own story in the same way.

Think back on the people that have gone before you, make a list of those in your family or church family that have gone before you and who were somehow instrumental in getting you to where you are now. 

Yes, you are an individual and Christ did die for you personally - but you are not alone. Never forget that God is creating for Himself, not a person, but a people - a kingdom of priests.


Thank You, Father that my life and story is part of something much bigger than me. Thank You for those who have gone before me and opened the doors for me.

For the family

Children are egocentric in their view of the world; this means that they are self-centered. As parents one of our jobs is to help them see the part that they have in the family and later the world.


For Younger Children

Talk about the family tree you made earlier in the year and if you still have it pull it out or make another and show them how they are connected to the people in their family tree.

For Older Children

Talk to your older kids about the impact their grandparents have made in their life or if they don’t have a relationship what they think the impact would be. Reminisce about some of the funny stories from your past as a child and how you think this has impacted them today.