“Woman, why are you weeping?”
John 20: 15

Reading: John 19: 40 – John 20: 1 - 31

Our reading for today is fairly long but I encourage you to devour it all. It makes fascinating reading. 

Although the women, and Mary in particular, were the first of his followers who saw him alive...I have kept them till last. Call it gender prejudice if you will!

What I love about her testimony is that it shows what the fruits of personal devotion to Christ can be. The other disciples came and saw the empty tomb and then went home again; Mary stayed on, weeping. At first she saw angels; then the risen Jesus appeared behind her. She heard just his voice at first and assumed it was teh gardener speaking to her – but when she turned around she recognised that it was Jesus. His words to her were “woman, why are you weeping?” 

Oh, there is so much sorrow in this world. In my own life, when I was first saved, and now in my capacity as a member of the pastoral team of a large church, I see so much sorrow and brokenness amongst women. 

Take heart today; Jesus still says to you “woman, why are you weeping?” His intention now, as it was then, is to give you joy through his resurrected presence in your life. 


Thank you Jesus for your special interest in and concern for women. Your best friends were women; your most trusted companions and supporters were women. Yes, you gave your mission to your apostles but you gave your trust and love to the women. 

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