“And beginning at Moses”
Luke 24: 27

Reading: Luke 24: 13 – 35

The two nameless disciples mentioned in our reading for today deserve special mention for they received the first-ever Big Picture teaching from the risen Lord Himself.

They had already heard the good news from the women – but really, who could expect a 1st century Jewish man to believe the report of a woman? Jesus graciously confirms their reports to the two disciples (although women the world over are grateful that Jesus chided them gently for their refusal to believe what the women had reported). What we see happening here is the joyful, delirious compounding of various eye-witness reports; first the women, then Peter and John’s witness of the empty tomb, then the men on the road to Emmaus who, when they returned to Jerusalem to tell everyone about their experience, found that the resurrected Christ had beaten them to it – “the Lord has risen indeed!” the apostles told them, a fact they were then able to confirm. Imagine the excitement as the light slowly dawned on them – all those prophecies in the Scriptures were being fulfilled in their time and in front of their eyes. 

Jesus is alive. Christo Anasti. Christ is Risen. This became the cry of the early Church. It should be our cry too – or have we become so accustomed to the doctrine that we fail to be moved by the truth it represents?


No Lord, may it never be! I pray that the glory of the Gospel will ever be my song and my strength. 

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