“then he appeared to James”
1 Corinthians 15: 7

Reading: John 7: 5

The James being spoken of here is James, the brother of Jesus – yes, the same one who mocked him and urged him to go up to Jerusalem to reveal his true identity at the Feast – kind of like a modern-day TV evangelist. 

James, like Peter and Paul, was dramatically transformed by his encounter with the risen, resurrected Jesus. We do not know exactly when or how the risen Jesus encountered his brother and assured him that he really was the Messiah; but we do know that about fifteen years after Jesus’ death, James took over Peter’s position as head of the Jerusalem church and became known, by Jews and Christians alike, as a true holy man. According to Josephus, the 1st century historian, the Jewish High Priest, Ananus, was deposed from office for executing James in AD 62. 

Perhaps the greatest testimony are the words of James himself in James 1: 1 – “James, a slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Only an overwhelming conviction of the resurrection and Lordship of Christ could get one brother to speak of another like that. 


Today, Lord, I want to allow your Lordship to suffuse my whole life. 

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