“then he appeared to more than 500 hundred brothers at once”
1 Corinthians 15: 6

Reading: 1 Corinthians 15

Paul also talks of appearances to multiple groups – and it is these group appearances that make it difficult to dismiss the resurrection appearances as hallucinations of some kind. 

In fact, by the mid-50’s there were a considerable number of people who claimed to have encountered Jesus alive after his death. The undoubted vigour and confidence of these witnesses goes a long way towards explaining the rapid spread of Christianity in the 1st century. The book of Acts makes it plain that Jesus was on the earth in his resurrected body for a period of 40 days and during that time, he trained his disciples and encountered many. 

At this point I want to pick up on something that is if vital importance. Jesus’ resurrection was not the same as, for example, his raising of Lazarus. Lazarus was raised back into a natural, fallible body – Jesus was raised into a resurrection, glorified body. Lazarus was raised to renewed mortal life; but Jesus was raised to immortality. This has huge significance for us, his followers.


Lord, I am really getting excited about the resurrection now – about subjects like immortality and everlasting life. May these great truths of the faith nourish me and keep me strong all the days of my life. 

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