“ ’Don’t be alarmed, he said, he’s alive’ ” 
Acts 20: 10

Reading: Acts 20: 1 – 12

To look at him you would hardly think he was a death-slayer; my friend Dino. To the natural eye he’s just a lumbering, good-humoured Malagasy. In fact, he’s a modern-day apostle who has seen many dead people come back to life after he prays for them.  

Then there’s Surpresa. This Mocambiqan Christian thinks dead people coming alive again is quite a normal part of Christianity. And that’s just the two people I know personally who have raised the dead. There are surely countless others who I don’t know and whose stories I have never heard. 

Are you starting to get the picture? Jesus is not only the one who was raised from the dead; he is the death-slayer himself. He is the Resurrection and the Life and death cannot hold him. 


Father God, do I really believe that Jesus is the Lord even of death? Oh, help me to believe this and live in that faith. 

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